News & Announcements

Annual Concert and Roast 2016

This year we have decided to have two concerts; this will enable us to provide a full concert on the 7th December, with a separate carol evening on the 21st December. We would love to see you all at both and to encourage this we will be selling discounted tickets to the Carol Concert during the first concert on the 7th.

Our Charity Work

For the 2016 committee year we elected to nominate the One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust (OHMI Trust) as the focus of our charitable donations. Like last year, the band hopes to raise some money towards their cause.

The OHMI Trust was founded to challenge technologists and instrument makers to build one-handed instruments that can provide full and undifferentiated participation in musical life after they recognised that millions of people across the world who suffer from hand or arm deficiencies were excluded from music making due to a lack of suitable instruments. Through an international competition, the OHMI Trust can provide technical solutions that can have a profound impact not just on individuals lives, but on society’s relationship with disability.

Bridgtown Concert Band is proud to be sponsoring the One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust in 2016

For the 2015 committee year we elected to nominate Shropshire and Staffordshire Blood Bikes as our charity.  We worked throughout the year to raise money to help support the Blood Bikes in their work.

The Blood Bikes are a charitable organisation, staffed entirely by volunteers who run a blood and sample delivery service for our local NHS hospitals. In the past hospitals have used taxi and courier services for these urgent “out of hours” deliveries at the cost of, on average, £200 a run. Blood Bikes do it for free saving the local NHS trusts thousands of pounds a year.

Bridgtown Concert Band was proud to sponsor the Blood Bikes in 2015

We are always looking for enthusiastic new members, If you are an aspiring young player, an older “newcomer”  or an experienced musician you will be welcome. Come and have a look, new players always welcome. Please have a look at our Join Us section, at the bottom of the homepage, for details